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Beautifully designed and easy to use.  Sub Rosa will give your business a boost in the right direction.  Competitive rates designed to keep your money where it should be; in your pocket.  Clean, effortless marketing with full management support.  Whether you are a private escort, an agency, or an entertainer we have an advertising option for you.  The only escort advertising website in New Zealand that offers you the ability to upload your own videos.  Welcome to New Zealand’s most intuitive adult advertising platform.  The Sub Rosa team invites you to get in touch today.


Frequently Asked 


Are there any contracts to advertise with Sub Rosa?

There are no contracts, no obligation and you can cancel at any time.


How do I create my profile?

You can create your profile anytime by clicking the escort sign up button at the top of our website.  Your profile set up will take you approximately 10 minutes. Email us at if you would like more assistance.


How many images can I have on my profile?

Technically, as many as you like.  However, we suggest that you start off with up to 6.  Then see how you feel about the look of your profile from there.  With Sub Rosa, you can add selfies and candid shots, offering potential clients more of your personality. 


How long does it take for my profile to go online?

When you have completed and submitted your profile information and paid for your advertising, we will moderate and you will be live within 12 hours.  This will often be a lot sooner.  Please ensure you enter the correct reference number with your payment.  This is very important and will speed up the process.


Do I need to have professional photography?

Your profile images should be professional in quality.  They do not need to be taken by a professional photographer, but must have a good quality finish. It is important that your images capture the tone of your profile.  Think about how you would like your entire advertisement to look and the ambience that you want to create when clients visit your profile page.


Can Sub Rosa recommend any professional photographers who have experience working with escorts?

We have a page on Sub Rosa where highly recommended photographers are listed.

However, we also have a larger list of photographers that we can refer you to, depending on your region.


Can I advertise on Sub Rosa if I am working for an escort agency?


Absolutely.  You can have your agency number on your profile and a link to their page, or you may use your own number if you manage your own phone bookings.


Can I put a video on my Sub Rosa profile?

You certainly can.  Sub Rosa has a large capacity for uploading both candid amateur videos and professional videos to your profile.  At present these are only available to our members in The Red Room.  We can add a teaser snippet of one of your videos to the front page of your profile.


What rules apply to the videos?

General rules apply as stated in our Terms and Conditions in regards to online behaviour.  This means that no drug related activity or suggested drug use will be tolerated in any of the videos.  No racist behaviour.  And no degrading or bullying behaviour in any videos.  For more on this, please read our full Term and Conditions.


Once I am online, can I update my profile myself?

You can.  Some text may require moderation from us.  You will see a message pop up if this is the case.  However, you have the option to text, email or call us with an urgent changes request and this will be attended to immediately.  Photos will upload straight away.  In regards to uploading videos, these require a brief check over from us before they are approved.  This is done relatively quickly in up to 2 hours.


How does the touring page work?

 As soon as you enter touring information onto your profile, you will immediately be linked to the TOURING GIRLS page on Sub Rosa.  If you do not see an area in the drop down box, please contact us so that we can add this for you immediately.  Very soon, Sub Rosa will have many more options for International touring girls.


What are your fees?  

Sub Rosa profiles are available to you at no cost. You can advertise utilising all of our features for free!


Membership is also currently free.


How much is a professional photo shoot?

We encourage photographers we work with to provide a photo shoot for no more than $350.00 NZD.  There are many different rates across the board.  It really is about getting the best possible photos for your profile.  Images can be blurred and cropped to suit. 


Do my clients have to wear protection?

Yes, by law all clients have to wear a condom, even for oral sex.


Signing up




Images must be your own (of yourself).

Have no large or distracting watermarks.  Small photographer’s water marks are fine. 

Photos should be professional in quality. They do not need to be taken by a professional photographer, but must have a good quality finish.  Photos that are selfie shots can be used, but must be good quality.  We have an image verification process.  Please contact us for further information.  Once verified, we will then include photo verification wording on your profile.  If you wish for us to provide you with a photographer, please contact us or one of the photographers listed on our site.  Sub Rosa can blur your images and crop your images to suit.  Please contact us for costs involved in this process.

Sub Rosa also would like to stress the following factors:

We cannot approve images that are low quality, or with poor visibility.

Photos that are not of you and are found elsewhere on the web cannot be approved.

Explicit photos must be high quality, professional images and they can only be used in the private members area, not on the main directory home page of our site.  If these are uploaded in the wrong area, they will not be approved. Please do send us your images via email at  if you would like us to check your photos prior to your sign up.

We will not accept images with collages, boarders or any art from a photo editing application.  We require clear images to align with the aesthetics of our website.

Please do place any text on your images such as phone numbers, details, addresses etc.  This information is to be entered in your profile only.


Profile  management

All advertisers have the ability to login and update their profiles 24 hours a day. Please note some changes to profile text will only be visible online once approved by admin.  If you have an urgent change, contact Sub Rosa to ensure we approve this immediately for you.

As an advertiser you have the ability to upload as many professional or candid videos as you like.  Videos are a fantastic advertising tool.  Videos can be as explicit as you like and can be made at home or using a professional photographer. Feel free to show your face in your videos.  If you would like Sub Rosa to organise a photo or video shoot for you, please get in touch.  All videos are currently only made available to our members in The Red Room. We will show a teaser of your video on the front page of your profile if you wish. Take advantage of Sub Rosa's video marketing capacity and get the most out of your online advertising.  We are the only advertising website in New Zealand where you can load multiple videos to your profile.


Management including phone/booking management

Sub Rosa offers a full management option.  This will suit those who are not working as an escort full time; you can focus on other areas of your life, whilst we book within your available times.  In turn, travelling escorts or those who are new to the industry and needing extra support may benefit from management.  We offer full phone service management.  Use our number and let our highly experienced team take bookings for you.  Our small, dedicated management team have all worked within the industry for a number of years ourselves, so you can be assured that you are in good hands.  Rates are attractive and negotiable depending on your needs.  Contact us to find out more.



Do you have more questions for us?

Get in touch.  Email us at, text or call us on 022 5833 778.