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Your access to, and use of the services provided on the Sub Rosa Website is subject to the terms and conditions set out below.  If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you should cease accessing this website.

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Sub Rosa will accept no responsibility for any damage to your computer equipment or other property resulting from your use of the website.  Sub Rosa will not pay for any damage resulting from your use of the website.  Sub Rosa gives no guarantees on content within our website or within any of the advertisements.  Any content guarantees that may be implied by law are entirely disclaimed to the full extent as permitted by law.

These terms and conditions will be governed by the law of New Zealand to the full extent.


Sub Rosa offers three types of client membership and fees will reflect the type of membership;

  1. Annual Membership               
  2. Monthly Membership             
  3. Weekly Membership              

All payments under the membership must be paid in advance and no refund will be given once payment is made.  All payments to Sub Rosa must be made in New Zealand Dollars and include New Zealand Government Goods and Services Tax.  Sub Rosa reserves the right to renew the various membership fees at its discretion.  You acknowledge that such payment made from an overseas country will be converted into New Zealand Dollars at the exchange rate on the day it is received.  This fluctuating exchange rate may give rise to price fluctuations.


Sub Rosa reserves the right to refuse any advertiser or advertisement and Sub Rosa is not obliged to advise when they intend to refuse your access to, and use of the services provided on, is subject to the terms and conditions set out below.  Sub Rosa reserves the right to amend these terms and at any time.  If you do not agree to those terms and conditions, then you should cease to advertise with Sub Rosa.

By advertising yourself and your services on Sub Rosa and/or any associated websites, you hereby agree to use any content supplied or provided to you by Sub Rosa and any Sub Rosa content including Sub Rosa branding, logos, and trademark slogans solely for its intended purpose.

You also agree that you will supply only current and accurate information for your advertisement on Sub Rosa and when supplying photos and/or video content that it will be current, accurate and that all photographs, videos and information is your own. You agree that you will not advertise for any ‘natural’ services nor condone any unsafe or illegal sexual practise. You also agree that you are a New Zealand Resident or hold the appropriate visa to work in New Zealand and are 18 years of age or older.  Sub Rosa does not support or facilitate the work of illegal immigrants. Sub Rosa reserves the right to ask for proof of the appropriate working visa at any time.

You agree that you will keep your profile accurate and up to date.  Sub Rosa may from time to time ask you to update your photographs and/or videos to refresh your advertising. Sub Rosa has a photo verification process and only those advertisers that have completed the photograph verification process will be displayed on the Sub Rosa website with the photo verification imagery.  Upon creating your profile, you agree that Sub Rosa may promote your profile from time to time on Snap Chat and other Sub Rosa company applications unless you have expressed otherwise upon signing up as an advertiser on Sub Rosa.

You agree that you will not advertise your services below the full service or sensual massage price as indicated by Sub Rosa and expressed within the sign up guidelines and rules. If you are found to have set your rates lower than the indicated guidelines, your profile will be immediately removed from the website.

You acknowledge that Sub Rosa reserves the right to suspend or terminate your access to Sub Rosa and any associated websites, and/or suspend or remove any of your advertisements at any time and for any breach of these terms and conditions; Sub Rosa will not provide compensation for the suspension or removal of your advertisement.

Both parties acknowledge that you the advertiser may remove any advertising material from the Sub Rosa website without notice, and that such content will not be given to a third party without your permission. 


All parties acknowledge that all behaviour is to be in a respectful manner.  No mention of drugs. Bad language and threatening or racist behaviour will not be tolerated. Sub Rosa reserves the right to remove any profile or membership immediately upon notification of such behaviour.  Sub Rosa reserves the right to remove any profile found to be promoting illegal sexual activity including ‘natural’ services.  You acknowledge that the rates and services of those advertising on the Sub Rosa website are non-negotiable and that any advertiser reserves the right to refuse any client who does not adhere to the above.

Sub Rosa is not responsible for any contacts made or messages you may receive if you place an ad in this Directory.  The Directory is for the use of adults (18 or older) only.  We make no personal introductions, representations or recommendations in regards to any individual or agency using this Directory.  We suggest caution in arranging meetings with strangers.

Sub Rosa nor any of its affiliates, partners or subcontractors can be held responsible for the actions of any party (parties) accessing this site, or for the results of any such actions.  Copyrights of all Website Content are retained by the original owners.

Under the requirements of the New Zealand Prostitution Reform Act 2003, people who are offering commercial sex must take all reasonable steps to ensure commercial sex is not provided without using a condom or other appropriate barrier. This includes vaginal, anal or oral sex, or other activity that may lead to the transmission of sexually transmissible infections (STIs) (Ministry of Health handout, 2003).  Failure to do so may result in fines up to $2,000.00.

It is illegal for clients to ask for unsafe sex – Clients must take all reasonable steps to use a condom or other safer sex barrier for vaginal, oral or another activity which could transmit sexually transmissible infections (STIs).

The Content on Sub Rosa website is copyrighted and protected by intellectual property rights.  Any unauthorised reproduction is strictly prohibited.  All Sub Rosa services, logo, publications, trademarks, service marks, software and formats is the property of Sub Rosa and is not to be reproduced in any way without the written Consent of Sub Rosa executive Management.

Sub Rosa do not and cannot provide illegal sexual activities.  All advertiser Content in this web site are provided to us by individuals or escort agencies for the purposes of paid advertisements and are the sole responsibility of the advertisers. Sub Rosa assumes no responsibility and cannot be held liable for any claims arising from advertisers’ ads. By accessing this web site and the web pages within, you agree that any downloading of content is for personal reference only. Any content within Sub Rosa’s website must not be used for any other purpose other than its intended purpose as set out in these terms and conditions.